In the Hierarchy of sport, SPEED IS KING.

In the Hierarchy of Sport, SPEED IS KING.

Speed is the most important aspect when it comes to sport. Regardless of all other skills of a game, if you don’t have speed you aren’t able to carry any other qualities over. A lot of people want to focus on getting stronger, some people want to focus on getting smarter about the game, or build their skillset or visual recognition ability to be able to see things coming faster. These are all important attributes for any athlete. But the point here is if you aren’t able to get fast you’ll never be able to use any of these on the field.

So, How important is speed training to the football athlete?

  • Speed is an absolute game changer

  • If you’re not fast you’ll never have the opportunity to get open to catch the ball.

  • If you’re not fast you’ll never close the gap on that running back to show him how strong you are when you make the tackle.

  • If you’re not fast it doesn’t matter how good your Football IQ is you just flat out won’t be able to get in the right position even if you know where to be.

As you go through your priorities in training for your sport, speed should absolutely be #1 on that list. No matter how well you do in the weight room if you can’t transfer that out onto the field it’s all lost. At the end of the day yes, strength is a mechanism to get you faster. Reaction is a mechanism to get you quicker. But if you don’t have speed as your fundamental movement it doesn’t matter how big, strong or smart you are.

Think about this when you are getting ready for your offseason training. Regardless of what you are getting prepared for whether it be offseason camps or combines, the NFL Draft, 7 on 7 tournaments, etc. If you don’t have speed you are going to be at the bottom of the barrel. As you go into these camps and combines you’ve got no pads on, no helmet on, and there’s no contact. So you won’t be able to showcase to the coaches or scouts your full skill set. Whether that is that you’re the strongest guy on the field, you have amazing football IQ, or you have the best form when it comes to your position. What really matters is how fast you are. If you’re the fastest guy there you will stand out. Regardless of position. And this holds true at every level of the game. High school, College, and especially in the NFL. So you’re next question may be when the best time to focus on speed is.

When’s the best time to focus on speed training?

  • Always, but we need to prioritize

  • Right after the season ends we need to focus on getting you faster

  • NOT 6 weeks before the season or your camp coming up

  • You need to do a self-inventory of where you are at a Technical Efficiency standpoint

  • Measure your current a strength 

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As soon as your season ends you need to take inventory of your body. Do you have injuries? Has your mobility changed? You need to see where you are in these aspects in order to get the most out of your speed training. We break you down in our evals to see what your capacity is, your mobility, your strength and your technique. Our goal when working with you is to focus on the whole speed continuum. To optimize you to be as fast as you can be. So as your season concludes you should get into SSI. It’s important that we take the long term approach when teaching you speed. Starting with technique, then figuring out if there is anything inhibiting you to be in the proper position. After that the strength comes into play. And we can start building your engine to get you faster. Speed transfers no matter what position or field you’re playing on. But in the sport of football, SPEED KILLS.

Be Your Best,

Coach Kavanaugh

P.S.  Below is one of my favorite clips of the KING of SPEED.

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