Because Boyle Said So

I was at a conference a few years ago and someone asked the presenter for his thoughts on a specific exercise.

The presenter blindly responded, “I side with Boyle.”

When I heard that, I was baffled. The presenter’s answer was based off someone else’s opinion whom he had never met or even talked to on that subject before. I’m not saying I agreed or disagreed with the guy’s position on the matter. But damn, grow some balls and have some thoughts of your

I will be very upfront and tell you I have only met Mike Boyle once in person. Yet have invested a lot into the materials he’s put out there. Some things I agree with and others I have chosen to test more in my facility before making a decision.

What I can say is, before I ever met him I knew he was a good coach. It wasn’t because of his online presence, since he didn’t have one at the time. But because I knew an athlete he worked with. This pro athlete was on point and could explain his training philosophy very clearly and simply. Heck he explained it much better than most coaches I know. I was super impressed listening to him. That’s when I knew Mike Boyle knew his stuff. The results spoke for themselves but more importantly, the athlete’s education spoke the loudest.

He’s flip-flopped like a politician on topics over the years. But it’s not about just looking at something and blindly following. It’s about constantly looking to improve and trying to find a better way. He’s constantly evolving his philosophies and techniques and learns by actually doing. Not just listening and following.albert-einstein-knowledge The goal is to provoke thought and think for yourself. So, when the time comes for people to listen you can explain with a full understanding of a subject. If you are just getting started in this field, it’s ok for you to mirror what someone you look up to has done. But don’t blindly follow. Ask questions, test things out and have an opinion. Don’t just side with a person for no reason.

If you blindly agree with this post, you missed the point. If you disagree with no basis, then you really missed the point.

When you have been around long enough and you train enough people it’s inevitable you’re going to be wrong on a few things. That’s ok but ignoring mistakes and not making changes along the way to better your athletes is a problem. Realize it. Admit it and fix it. You and your athletes will grow faster than if you stay emotionally attached to any one thing.

Be Your Best,

Coach Kavanaugh