Balance – Man Up

Balance isn’t about being 50/50. It’s about being 100% present with what you are doing at that time.

Setting strategic priorities and achieving balance in them is going to be your key to success in whatever you do in life.

In order to achieve a goal that you’ve set for yourself, you first need to recognize the steps that are going to be necessary to get there. Then strategically prioritize those steps in a way that is going to benefit you along that journey.

Once these steps are in order, you don’t figure out a way to spread yourself across each area evenly. You take each step with 100% focus and commitment. Then move on to the next one with the same discipline.

If you are really determined to get whatever you want to achieve you will figure out a way to man up and focus on what is important.

If one of these areas is off balance it is going to adversely affect another area.

Your journey toward your goal is a big tightrope act. You are hovering 1,000 feet above the ground walking across a rope.

When something starts to get off tilt and pulls you in one direction you must correct in the opposite direction to bring yourself back to balance.

Don’t be that athlete that never corrects. Be self-aware enough to know that you are slacking off in certain areas that are affecting you negatively in others.

Life always has a way of exposing the areas that we are neglecting or possibly those that we overcompensate in. That’s why balance is key. You must find a way to be all in with whatever it is that you are doing. And make sure that those things are helping you reach your goal.

Be Your Best,